Marcel Broodthaers, Signatures (—shake with their name.)
Counsel (Mascot)
Ethiopia Konga Grade 1 Yirgacheffe Powder (Spanish galleon)
Graham Fagen, Come into the Garden / And forget about the War (The fir tree speaks: ‘In winter – on Ash Wednesday – I congeal before the Cross and become soap.’)
Flannelette nightshirts (Myxomatosis)

The city breaks up. The voice of the city is ‘cut glass.’

Joseph Kosuth, Five Words in Red Neon (in—Le Diverticule des Félins—the Chamber of the Felines)
Paynes Grey (Grey, the sweetest of colours; even green looks grey here – the trees!)
Rainbows (Jigsaw)
Secession (One day last week I sent a letter of thanks to the sky with an autumn leaf as a postage stamp.)
Robert Walser, Looking at Pictures (‘Have you seen a woman / Carrying the corpse of autumn? / Have you seen a woman / Rubbing her face on the pavement, / Weaving a dress / With threads of rain? / People / Are burnt-out coals / On the pavement.’ —Adonis)

The face of the city is cold.