Untitled|two seventeen

‘Less the childhood, more the place / and the childhood of the place; / and through the childhood of the place / the present: the present people.’

Christian—worship| Nightfall Sunday—Pittura infamante—Red Riding Hood was raped;| soft pencil a little flax and paint flakes| but not fast enough for| the two hanged men.
Fever Ray, When I Grow Up | Keep The Streets Empty For Me (Rabid, 2009)
—Oh sweet singer—
‘She cut roses … the smell – unpleasant to the nose – of democracy.’
Sleep—under water (far flung)
‘Sweet-smelling blooms with soft, meadowy textures: scented freesias, alstroemerias and wildflower foliage.’
Tanzania Burka Estate Peaberry Powder
The coat hanger
Vitamin B12
Wednesday 30 May – Saturday 1 June, 1935 [End of inserted pages]