Untitled|three eighteen: Water and colour.

John Banville, The Sea (Picador, 2005)
Cornelius, Mellow Waves (Warner Music Japan, 2017)
Virginia Woolf, The Waves (Vintage Classics, 2000)

Drops of water follow their natural course … | Tinsel, fallen into events ridiculous and chilling. | A worn Varamin rug under the cross. | Blütenstaub. From the series, Christian melancholy. Pencil and watercolour on Saunders Waterford watercolour paper; each measures 38 x 28cms.

‘Blume – ein Blindenwort. / Dein Aug und mein Aug: / sie sorgen / für Wasser.’
Flower – a blind man’s word. / Your eye and mine: / they see / to water. (Paul Celan)

One brown day after rain: a thousand Eurasian curlew in a field east of Errol.