Untitled|three eighteen: Water and colour.

John Banville, The Sea (Picador, 2005)
Cornelius, Mellow Waves (Warner Music Japan, 2017)
Virginia Woolf, The Waves (Vintage Classics, 2000)

Drops of water follow their natural course … | Tinsel, fallen into events ridiculous and chilling. | A worn Varamin rug under the cross. | Blütenstaub. From the series, Christian melancholy. Pencil and watercolour on Saunders Waterford watercolour paper; each measures 38 x 28cms.

‘Blume – ein Blindenwort. / Dein Aug und mein Aug: / sie sorgen / für Wasser.’
Flower – a blind man’s word. / Your eye and mine: / they see / to water. (Paul Celan)

One brown day after rain: a thousand Eurasian curlew in a field east of Errol.


Untitled|two eighteen: Messenger – A third is always present

Lhasa de Sela, What Kind of Heart
Eight black Shetland ponies in a white field, in pairs.
Jean Follain, Speech Alone

‘For my part I know nothing with any certainty … but the sight of the stars makes me dream.’ (Van Gogh)

Sanna Kurki-Suonio, Vaskilintu
Old Holland Vine Black watercolour pigment
Max Picard, The World of Silence
Jean Sibelius, Malinconia
‘Things to be blasted’ – Gerede

‘In my childhood is born a childhood burning like alcohol / I would sit down in the paths of the night / I would listen to the discourse of the stars / And that of the tree. / Now indifference snows in the evening of my soul.’ (Huidobro)

Dedication: History & Locality
‘Less the childhood, more the place / and the childhood of the place;
and through the childhood of the place / the present: the present people.’

‘A gentleman having to come to Dundee from Abernyte in the morning took a snow-plough, to which four horses were attached to clear his way but came to a part of the road where the snow lay ten feet deep. He was compelled to give up the attempt to clear the road and had to seek a way through the fields to Inchture.’ (5 March, 1881)

Untitled|twelve seventeen: Donation

Unseen, / intermediary, / bone marrow envoy of flight; / two weeks of blood making, / slick pharma, care, / for her courteous mind; / the peat-smoked after-smell / after they were here; / you fell, to many times more grace.

‘You do not have to walk on your knees / For a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.’

Untitled|nine, ten & eleven seventeen: Little Religion

The posts are made of clay. This post is sleeping under some cloth a section of the true cross this post is sleeping in the shade under the leaves of a great rose tree that casts shadows onto the cloth and ornaments it like a threadbare icon with shadows of anxiety; over the smell of clay autumn clouds pour east.

(Arnold Böcklin| ‘Die Toteninsel’ (Isle of the Dead). Sergei Rachmaninov composed a Symphonic Poem Op. 29 after the fourth version of this painting by the Swiss Symbolist artist. This painting was made on copper plate and was lost during an allied bombing raid in WWII – only a black and white photograph of it exists and it was this in particular not the original ‘coloured’ painting that inspired Rachmaninov’s work.

I was in Carrbridge recently; celebrating a marriage. I took a room in the Carrbridge hotel and – as I always do in hotels – I opened and closed the wardrobe doors and pulled open all the drawers of all the other pieces of furniture in the room| Room 147. It was in the bed-side drawer that I found the Gideon Bible with its torn chapters of Genesis.)

Untitled|eight seventeen

Black caterpillars
Blue washing lines
Mary, mother of Jesus, sings of her grief at the loss of her child
Midnight meadow-verge wild flowers

Sneezing white sheep
The colour of the absolute
Vanilla sponge cake
White magic
Withered clumps of thistle fluff – for the pillows of the dead

‘Indefatigable dazzling
terrestrial strangeness.’

Untitled|seven seventeen — Tartiflette remix

Nesa Azadikhah, Sadness & Sorrow | Deep Sessions November 2015 (Deep House Tehran)
Bobbie*, Young Shields YSPS #004 (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED//PAL, Hamburg)
Chloé, BIS #721 (Lumière Noire, Rex Club, Paris)
Terence Dixon, On High Alert (Out-ER|Reduction| Detroit, Michigan)
Jane Fitz, live at the Pickle Factory April 28 (Hackney, London)
Samuli Kemppi, Luolamies 1 & 2 (Deep Space Helsinki)
Olivia, Cxemcast 051 (Szpitalna 1, Krakow)
These Hidden Hands, The Telepath feat. Julia Kotowski| Hypox1a Remix (Berlin)
Shlømo, Love Is A Coma (Taapion, Paris)
Eli Verveine, RA.325 (Zukunft, Zurich)