Untitled|six eighteen

M.H. Abrams, The Mirror and the Lamp: Romantic Theory and the Critical Tradition (OUP, 1953)
John Barbour, HARDSOFT (Australian Experimental Art Foundation & Yuill/Crowley, 2011)
James Brooks, Spoils (Offord Road Books, 2018)
Common Mouse-ear
14 degrees and breezy from the west north west.
David Hayden, Darker With The Lights On: Stories (Little Island Press, 2018)
Hinnonmaki yellow (Gooseberry)
Sean O’Brien, Europa (Picador, 2018)
Venus Durathin (Thin lead-coloured pencils / 50-9 Blue), Venus Pencil Co., Ltd. (England, 1950)

At Forest of Ae on the final stage of Round 3 of the POC Scottish Enduro Series – wearing the tartan sleeves of team Basecamp Bikes.

After the first three rounds … with Basecamp Bikes owner, Lindsay Carruthers, at the front of the field after an inspired performance at Ae Forest.

Untitled|one eighteen – The road is wider than long

MTB race partner Cat Lamont and I at work for COG Velo during the Strathpuffer 24 (20-21 January, 2018. photo credit: Gary Williamson Photography.)

Black Shetland ponies.
Fire — most especially, fire butane gas portable cabinet heaters.
James Merrill| A Vision Of A Garden, in ‘Water Street’ (Atheneum, 1962)
Marie Howe| The Snow Storm, in ‘The Kingdom of Ordinary Time’ (W.W.Norton, 2008)
Rebecca Watts| The Cult of the Noble Amateur (PN Review 239, Volume 44 Number 3, January – February 2018.)
Sheila Legge| I Have Done My Best for You, in ‘Contemporary Poetry and Prose #8’ (Roughton, 1936)

‘I was a child, I did not know / That what I longed for would resist / Neither what cold lines should my finger trace / On colder grounds before I found anew / In yours the features of that face / Whose words whose looks alone undo / Such frosts I lay me down in love in fear.’ (Merrill)

Tinsel – like a rag of plastic caught in the branch of a tree – but purple, and green.
Trail running.
Vasily Grossman| Everything Flows (Vintage, 2011)
Water — from mountain streams running snow melt.

‘This quote was in the article from the Adventure Syndicate about their Puffer with the 4 school girls, loved it and thought it applied to us too at a certain time in the morning … ‘But keep inching forward and nothing stays the same. The sun always comes up in the end, casting aside the fears and doubts felt in the darkness.’

Untitled|six seventeen

Crocheted vintage track mitts—Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Hero mud
Holy Thursday
Glen Tilt

Guatemalan San Francisco
Portrait of Sea—selling fresh bread.

‘Nocturne: Die jungen blauen Hirsch’| 2017

‘Ringel, Ringel, Rosen| Schöne Aprikosen,| Veilchen blau, Vergissmeinnicht| Alle kinder setzen sich!’

‘A morning in summer, 1895’| 2017

Soft summer rain
The 26th Annual village walk; Spanish bluebell, wet leaves of Welsh poppy, blue violets, but no forget-me-nots.

Untitled|five seventeen

Alternative summer calzoncino Adelaide; Albania.
‘Bound round with scald I’ve seen it fixed … I’ve seen the egg shells glitter through.’

Bridget Riley, Arround (1963)
EVIL Insurgent
Katherine Towers, Rain

Mackie’s Traditional ice cream … salted sugar popcorn sauce!
Purple shiny hoof oil
Sunflower seeds
The colour blue; and green.
‘With one another | let’s play; so come, O sparrow | who has no mother.’ ( – Issa )


Any confession – and the sacrament of reconciliation

‘… each sky provides / the light for true compassion / Paradise can not hold for long.’

A segment of orange at half time
Larch needles
Joseph Szabo, Almost Grown (Harmony Books, 1978 – see Blogroll)
The Masque of Blackness
The Rosetta space probe’s last shadow; the one cast seconds before it touched down on comet 67P|Churyumov-Gerasimenko and fell silent.
Stefan Zweig, Beware of Pity (Pushkin Press, 2013)


Heather Cassils—Tiresias, 2010
Jean Follain—in Ciaran Carson, From Elsewhere (Chrysanthemums)
Tom Ford Dir., Nocturnal Animals
‘Fiction enables us to grasp reality and at the same time that which is veiled by reality.’ (Marcel Broodthaers)

I sometimes wish … I could join the geese in the sky; fly in their vee to a stubble-field where we would huddle together, rest and sleep for the night.
Franz Marc—Sleeping Deer, 1913
Klaus Nomi—Total Eclipse, 1981
NHS paramedics
Rose Castile Olive Oil Soapnut Soap (with Superfine pink French clay)
Scottish tablet


Marcel Broodthaers, Signatures (—shake with their name.)
Counsel (Mascot)
Ethiopia Konga Grade 1 Yirgacheffe Powder (Spanish galleon)
Graham Fagen, Come into the Garden / And forget about the War (The fir tree speaks: ‘In winter – on Ash Wednesday – I congeal before the Cross and become soap.’)
Flannelette nightshirts (Myxomatosis)

The city breaks up. The voice of the city is ‘cut glass.’

Joseph Kosuth, Five Words in Red Neon (in—Le Diverticule des Félins—the Chamber of the Felines)
Paynes Grey (Grey, the sweetest of colours; even green looks grey here – the trees!)
Rainbows (Jigsaw)
Secession (One day last week I sent a letter of thanks to the sky with an autumn leaf as a postage stamp.)
Robert Walser, Looking at Pictures (‘Have you seen a woman / Carrying the corpse of autumn? / Have you seen a woman / Rubbing her face on the pavement, / Weaving a dress / With threads of rain? / People / Are burnt-out coals / On the pavement.’ —Adonis)

The face of the city is cold.